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Insights & Reporting

Data to improve your operations and delight your guests

Everything in one place

See all your sales across all sites, channels, and vendors in a single unified system. Get real-time updates and access in-depth reporting to drive improvements.

Insights app

See real-time data across all sites and vendors with the NOQ Insights app. Access live vendor and product performance to see what’s selling. Give clients, sponsors, and other stakeholders controlled access, restricting their permissions to what’s relevant to them.

Customer reporting

Gather customer data through online and in-person ordering. Understand demographics, identify and reward your best customers, and enrich your CRM database.

Sales reporting

Understand your margins and performance by site, vendor, menu, and product with our comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Stock reporting

Connect purchases to your stock management in the backend and track the number of product sales. Monitor your margins per ingredient and item. Access stock variance reports so you can account for the loss or theft of products.

Employee management

Set up employees, input their hourly wage rate, and assign permissions from cash handling to processing refunds and accessing reports. View employee reports to see how much they’ve sold, how many hours they’ve worked, and how much is owed them.

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