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20 / 10 / 2020

Reshaping food & drink ordering in the event industry

The food and drinks industry for events is changing. Due to COVID-19 and the government’s social distancing guidelines, event organisers and venues are having to rethink their modus operandi in order to reopen safely.

Gone are the days of crowding around the bar and fighting to get the waiter’s attention to get your next drink. Will bars now employ a similar 2-metre spaced queuing system that we see at the local supermarkets? The answer is: not likely. Not only is this unfeasible and unattractive but consumers are demanding a safer experience too.

In 2018, queuing was considered one of the top three biggest drawbacks within the events industry in the United Kingdom. Queues are an unwanted yet unavoidable reality at most events, and something that many seek to avoid.

With food and drink ordering, 45% of potential customers abandon queues because they are too long. This statistic demonstrates that poor customer experience directly affects F&B businesses, especially within the event industry. The truth is, food and drinks are not usually the centre stage at these events, they are a desired biproduct. However, through the inability to provide an efficient solution, customers would much rather spend their time usefully and enjoying what they came for. 

In a recent survey, customers ranked cashless transactions as one of the most important changes they wish to see at events. COVID-19 not only propelled this thought, but also instilled a need for contact-free ordering.

The NOQ mobile ordering app was developed with the purpose of creating a solution to queuing at events whilst being able to eat and drink whilst enjoying the moment – we were those customers abandoning long queues. In the midst of the pandemic, our product was rebranded to be of further aid in the current environment.

How is NOQ useful for customers?

  • Food and drink menu options available on their own devices, with the environmental plus of being a paperless medium
  • Ordering without the need of face-to-face interactions or the trouble of queuing
  • Cashless transactions made directly through the platform
  • Ability to enjoy the moment while their food and drinks are being prepared

What does this mean for vendors using NOQ?

  • Greater reach to more customers: 80% of the crowd compared to 30%

  • Ability to process 5 NOQ orders in the same time as a 1 face-to-face order

  • An increase in average trade volume

  • Access to data for better stock management and food wastage

App Screenshot 1
App Screenshot 2

With the recent rise in popularity of home delivery apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, the average consumer is becoming used to processing their orders via their mobile phone. With over 90% of the UK population owning a smartphone and 5G connectivity gradually becoming a reality, mobile ordering of food and drink will inevitably become the new normal.

As the population becomes more tech-savvy, solutions like NOQ’s will reshape consumer behaviour. Whether for food and drinks or other merchandise, the simplicity of ordering through an easy to use platform creates a seamless and familiar experience that benefits both the consumer and the vendor.

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