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SailGP: Navigating Smooth Retail Operations with NOQ

SailGP is a thrilling, high-speed sailing competition that travels the globe, offering spectators an electrifying experience and a range of retail and entertainment. Founded in 2019 with just 5 events, SailGP has now grown to 13 events in its fourth season this year, and it looks like they will expand even further next year.

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SailGP’s event locations have spanned iconic destinations such as Bermuda, New York City, San Francisco, Sydney, and Dubai. The logistics of managing retail operations across multiple international venues can be daunting. SailGP turned to NOQ for a comprehensive POS & payments solution that would streamline their merchandise operations, manage inventory efficiently, and provide valuable data insights.

International Challenges

We recently caught up with Tom Heeks, Head of Retail & Licensing at SailGP, to chat about the unique challenges they face and their experiences with NOQ. As any event organiser knows, managing retail operations at international events is complex. There’s a significant amount of preparation needed, and if everything runs smoothly, no one fully notices the hard work behind the scenes. For Tom Heeks, this seamless operation is crucial. “We travel the world, which makes logistics very difficult. Even with the best in the world, we can’t find solutions to everything. So certainly when I started, we had a fragmented range.” Tom explained. The challenge was finding a reliable system that could adapt to different locations, currencies, and local teams.


Transforming SailGP’s Retail Operations

Keep reading to discover how NOQ’s intuitive EPOS system, robust data insights capabilities, in-depth reporting, world class support and multi-currency setup has helped SailGP sail smoothly through their events and enhance their merchandise sales experience for fans.

1. User-Friendly EPOS System

One of the standout features of NOQ’s solution is its user-friendly, all-in-one handheld EPOS system, which significantly simplified the retail process for SailGP’s diverse team. This innovative system replaces the need for multiple pieces of hardware, such as a monitor, scanner, card reader, and receipt printer, with a single device. Tom, who had no prior experience operating tills, shared his positive experience: “I actually haven’t told NOQ this, but I used a till point in Halifax, which I’ve never done before. Literally never. The first time I’ve ever been on a till. It was really easy.”

The simplicity of NOQ’s system also facilitated quick training for event staff. “The last four or five events, I’ve trained our staff on it, having never actually used it on the shop floor,” Tom added, underscoring the system’s intuitive design. This ease of use was crucial for SailGP, as they often worked with casual and agency staff who needed to be operational quickly.

2. Robust Data Insights

NOQ’s system provides SailGP with detailed data insights, a feature that was previously lacking. “It helps us, particularly when it comes to data at the back of our events. It really helps us to get a really good set of data on our sales,” Tom noted. These insights allowed SailGP to better understand their sales patterns and make informed decisions about their merchandise strategy.

Tom compared NOQ’s system to those used in the highly sophisticated supermarket sector, stating, “I grew up in supermarkets, and outside of supermarkets, this is the closest thing that I’ve seen to using a supermarket system. And those systems are incredibly sophisticated; they just do everything for you.”

3. Inventory and Stock Management

Although SailGP is not fully utilising all of NOQ’s inventory management capabilities, due to the way they receive their stock currently, they recognise its potential and plans to expand their use of NOQ. “We’re receiving stock that is either not barcoded or has duplicate barcodes. I am aware of how NOQ’s stock management works, and we have used it in some instances,” Tom explained as they’ve been able to scan their barcode sheets with the NOQ hardware.

NOQ’s inventory management system offers robust capabilities, including the ability to bulk import stock quantities on the backend for a streamlined front-end experience. This system allows users to take orders, process payments, transfer goods, and mark items as wastage – all within the single handheld device. As SailGP continues to streamline its supply chain, the comprehensive inventory management features of NOQ will become increasingly beneficial.

4. Multi-Currency Transactions

Operating in various countries required a system that could handle multiple currencies seamlessly. NOQ’s system caters to this need, ensuring smooth transactions regardless of location. “This is the first time we’re taking in Canadian dollars during the last event. Obviously, the next event is in US dollars, so that ability is beneficial for us,” Tom mentioned. Prior to moving to the North America region, SailGP successfully utilised NOQ’s multi-currency capabilities in France, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. This flexibility helped SailGP maintain consistency and accuracy in their financial operations across different regions.

5. Reliable Support and Troubleshooting

A critical aspect of NOQ’s value proposition is their exceptional global customer support, which Tom praised highly. “Harriet and Ivana from NOQ have been really helpful and always there to sort things out. To the extent that I’ve been like, ‘You really don’t need to do this,’ but they go above and beyond,” he shared. This reliable support ensured that any issues were swiftly addressed, minimising disruption during events. Such dedication from the NOQ team reinforced the trust and reliability that SailGP placed in their solutions.

SailGP Awards

SailGP’s Recommendation

Based on their experience, SailGP highly recommends NOQ’s solutions for any organisation looking to enhance their event retail operations. The combination of a user-friendly ePOS system, data insights, flexible multi-currency capabilities, and exceptional support made NOQ an invaluable partner for SailGP. “I can’t speak highly enough of NOQ. The system is sophisticated yet straightforward, and their support team is phenomenal. For any organisation facing similar challenges, I would definitely recommend NOQ,” Heeks concluded.


SailGP’s partnership with NOQ has been instrumental in transforming their retail operations, providing them with the tools and insights needed to manage their merchandise effectively across multiple international events. NOQ’s solutions addressed SailGP’s logistical challenges, streamlined their retail processes, and delivered valuable data that helped shape their merchandise strategy.

As SailGP sets its sights on new horizons, NOQ is firmly in place as their trusted partner. The system’s scalability ensures it can grow alongside SailGP’s expanding global presence. With NOQ at the helm, SailGP can navigate the complexities of global retail with confidence, ensuring a smooth and profitable merchandise operation that keeps fans happy and the adrenaline pumping.

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