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Self-Service Ordering

Make ordering simple for your customers. Allow them to browse through the menu, place their orders and pay for them easily, without having them being turned off by the queues.

Don’t lose out on customers to the queues, and allow them to order directly from the kiosks. They can browse your own-branded menu, add items to the basket, and place their order. Payment is made on the integrated card reader.

Enhance your customers’ experience whilst reducing staff needs, and reducing mistakes from human error. Through self service ordering, customers can filter items by allergens or dietary preferences, and view frequently bought together items, resulting in increased basket values.

If you have a site with multiple stores, allow customers to browse multiple menus easily, They can also order from multiple traders in a single transaction. Each kitchen will receive the order for the relevant items, and payments will be distributed at source to each one. It’s hassle-free for both the customer and you!

Key Features
Customer Data
Capture multiple data points so you understand your customers better, and cater to their preferences
Reduced Costs
Reduce staff costs, and allow customers to order as and when they wish
Discounts & Promotions
Create bespoke offers based on categories and menu items
Multiple Menus
Create different menus for different dates, for happy hours and more, so that customers access the relevant one when accessing the kiosk
Automated Printing
Have order tickets automatically print at the bar or kitchen so your staff can start preparing them instantly
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