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NOQ Express

The main objective for event goers is to have a good time and enjoy the moment. Often, this is disrupted by long queues for food & drinks, when in essence, all they want is to quench their thirst or grab a quick bite

NOQueuing With NOQ

Quick Service Ordering

NOQ’s Express model allows customers to access limited, quick service menus from select vendors, on their mobile phones. Our data suggests that 37% of event bar sales, are made up of pre-packaged items

NOQ Reps & Marketing

A lot of people do not order food & drinks at events due to long queues. NOQ provides reps at the event to inform event goers of the service and increase sales for the bars and vendors. Additionally, our pre-event marketing model is designed to increase express customers at events, leading to higher sales

Instant Collection

All the items displayed are either packaged or ready made, meaning instant collection. Customers can purchase the items and make their way to the pickup point. Vendors scan the QR code and have a clear understanding of which items need to be given

Express vs Standard Ordering

The Express model removes four (4) time consuming steps from the F&B ordering process at events:

• No need to queue

• No time spent ordering at the counter

• No time spent preparing the order

• No time spent taking payment

Resulting in increased sales and happier customers

How does it work?
Setup & Onboarding
Quick and easy menu setup onto the platform, followed by a training session with the NOQ team to make sure you’re comfortable with how it works
Stock Management
The backend will update your stock count as orders go through, and customer menus will be updated to show only what is available at the time of purchase
Sales Reps
NOQ provides commission based sales reps to promote the Express model, thus boosting your sales
At the collection point, scan the customer’s QR code, view what they’ve ordered and complete the order through the click of a button
Your account will be linked to the software. You will have visibility of your sales real-time and money will be sent directly to your account
Data Capture
You will have access to all the customer data captured through mobile ordering, which will play a huge part in your marketing, as well as truly understanding your customers!
Packaged items

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